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Saudi Criminals Fleeing US Put Bilateral Relations at Risk

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A newly released document by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealed that the Saudi government has helped two dozen Saudi criminals to flee the US, saving them from embarrassment, punishment, and impeding the justice.

As per the released document, criminals charged with serious offenses like rape, assault, manslaughter, and child pornography escaped the custody of the US law enforcement with the aid of Saudi government and fled from the country.

The FBI department, over Saudi aiding its citizens to escape the US judiciary, said that the Saudi government did this to safeguard its citizens from the embarrassment due to “Saudi citizens enduring the US judicial process.”

The information in the document has left many to consider the role of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over bringing the Saudi criminals back to Saudi Arabia.

It has also rendered the White House Officials’ support to Saudi Arabia during the Pensacola Naval Base attack and the missile strikes on Saudi oil facilities useless.

Also, the documents have raised some questions on the Trump administration and their continuous support to the Saudi government. Was the administration oblivious to the fact that the Saudi government was aiding Saudi criminals to flee the US? Or did it keep supporting Saudi despite knowing everything due to the latter’s strategic position in the Middle East?

Moreover, it remains unclear if due to continuous support to the Saudi government, will the White House Officials face heavy criticism from the Democrats and if the FBI-released documents impact the re-election of the President or affect his impeachment trial.

The document has also raised a question over the Saudi government’s latest payment of $500 million to the US for additional troops’ deployment in Saudi Arabia.

It has left many to consider the plausibility that the payment was made with a covert agenda to divert the focus from the FBI-released documents and gain a higher ground against the US if it tries to mount pressure by threatening the troops’ withdrawal from Saudi Arabia.

Considering the prowess of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, the speculation seems highly plausible. It remains only a matter of time before the FBI-released documents gain traction and the entire issue of Saudi criminals fleeing the US with the aid of Saudi government becomes crystal clear. But, will this force the US to take an action against its Middle Eastern ally?

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