February 2, 2023

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Scholz on Ukraine: More than a billion euros in military aid

As of: 04/15/2022 7:29 pm

President Scholes wants to provide a total of two billion euros in additional military assistance. Of this, one billion euros will have to go to Ukraine ARD Capital Studio Experience.

Most recently, there has been a lot of pressure on President Olaf Scholes and the federal government to provide additional support to Ukraine. Scholz has now announced that it will provide a total of two billion euros in military aid – a significant one billion euros going directly to Ukraine. ARD Capital Studio Experience. Ukrainians can use this to buy the weapons they need – in consultation with the United States and other allies.

If they buy arms from Germany, these exports must be approved by Federal Economy Minister Robert Hebeck. The money is to be provided as part of the federal government’s efforts to improve quality. A further 400 400 million from the total package is planned for the European peace facility to buy arms for Ukraine. The remaining மில்லியன் 400 million is for other countries.

Additional costs

The government has already agreed to a significant increase in funding for military aid in the supplementary budget, according to Reuters. The two billion euros were not part of the 100 billion euros of Bandeswar’s special assets as a result of the war in Ukraine, but rather additional costs.

Ukraine has repeatedly called on the central government to provide heavy weapons. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba also called on Scholes to make a quick commitment to German arms supplies. “I hope Sholes makes a positive decision,” he said. Guleba said Thursday evening Daily topics. Arguments against the provision of the necessary weapons are invalid.

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The president’s move caused dissatisfaction in Germany as well. In the debate over the distribution of heavy weapons, Scholz was recently openly criticized by parliamentary groups of the FDP, the Greens and the SPD for his reluctant approach. Anton Hofreiter, the Greens’ European politician, told the “Spiegel” that “the president is the problem.” “Germany must take responsibility in Europe – that’s where the Chancellor is most important,” Hoffrieder said. “No matter what European countries I travel to at the moment, I always face the question: Where is Germany?” The head of the European Commission pointed out. Federal Economy Minister Robert Hebek argued that the supply of arms to Ukraine should be increased. “More weapons have to come,” Green politician Funke told the media group’s newspapers.

“Urgent action needed now”

The FDP also accused Scholz of being reluctant. In response to the new large-scale Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine, defense politician Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman said in “New Osnabrooker Zaitung” that “the quickest course of action is now the order of the day.” Deutschlandfunk With “yes”. “If Russia wins this war against Ukraine, there is a risk of new military conflicts in Moldova, Georgia and, indirectly, in the western Balkans,” said SPD foreign policy expert Michael Roth, who also supported the German intervention.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz scolded Scholz. Mers told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that his behavior would “endanger the unity of the international community as a whole towards Russia.” For example, he cited the president’s reluctance to supply weapons. Mers demanded that clarity be finally created on what Germany wants to do and whether it wants to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. “We want to know what is being offered and, above all, why the federal government does not want to provide available goods,” the CDU chairman said. He pointed out that doubts were growing about the credibility of the government.

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So far, as far as is known, Germany has mainly shipped pistols, machine guns and anti-aircraft missiles and steel helmets to Ukraine. When asked about heavy weapons – including tanks – Scholz responded vaguely so far.