December 5, 2022

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Scotland: Protesters block the deportation of two people in Glasgow

Hundreds of protesters have come inside Scotland Used successfully against the deportation of two men. In the metropolitan area of ​​Glasgow, they intercepted a British border guard who wanted to take the two in a car.

Video footage and action pictures under hashtags like #Glasco and #Kenmore Street went viral on social media. They showed people blocking the path of the van of the British officers.

About 200 people are blocking the vans

“Leave our neighbors, let them go,” the protesters shouted, “Policemen, go home!”ScotsmanReported. A total of about 200 people took to the streets.

One of the men was 34-year-old Lakhveer Singh In that event, Then thanks to a translator for help. “I was amazed and amazed at the support I received from the people of Glasgow,” he said.

At 9:30 a.m., he said immigration officials searched him and took him away in a van. There were only five or six people on the street at the time, but the news spread and eventually more people joined.

Sturgeon criticizes British authorities

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon Criticized the action of the British Home Office Twitter. He wrote that it was irresponsible to take this step in the midst of the Corona crisis and on the day of breaking the fast among the Muslim community. The deeper issue lies in the overall asylum policy.

Scottish Justice Minister Hamza Youssef wrote on Twitter that this situation should never happen. The “hostile environment” of the British government was not welcomed in Scotland.

The Scottish Police finally ordered the two released. A police spokesman clarified that the officers were not involved in the deportation. They wanted to protect the situation.

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