August 15, 2022

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Sean McVeigh shares a terrible update about Matthew Stafford

Sean McVeigh shares a terrible update about Matthew Stafford


The NFL season is approaching and Matthew Stafford may not be under center. Check out what Sean McVeigh had to say about it.

Matthew Stafford
© Jane Kamen Oncia / Getty ImagesMatthew Stafford

The Los Angeles Rams It was very successful. Other lost von millerAnd the It was pretty much a hard hit before dominion Energy Championswho looks set to be the team he’ll beat in the NFC again this season.

However, this is a league of quarterbacks, and the Rams know better than anyone that they need a reliable man behind the center to get things done. This is why the latest updates on Matthew Stafford It must be alarming.

The Former Detroit Lions star He will not participate in team training until further notice. He’s dealing with “very bad tendinitis” and has an “abnormal” elbow injury due to his quarterback, according to HC Sean McVeigh.

NFL news: Rams worried about ‘abnormal’ Matthew Stafford elbow pain

“It’s a bit unnatural for a quarterback, some of those things are things that MLB shooters deal with, so we kind of learn about it on the fly and his feedback,” McVeigh said. “We’re really trying to understand, ‘Okay, how do we get the best plan in place to try and reduce some of the things he had to go through,’ while also giving him confidence that, ‘Hey, I can really let it go, I don’t have to worry about it, I play to the best of my ability. “

“The goal is to try to make him feel as comfortable as possible, especially when you’re talking about something with that elbow, and that’s the plan we feel best, but it’s something I’ve never navigated through as a coach with the quarterback,” McVay has been added. “You’ve had a little bit of stuff here and there, but it’s something we want to be as smart as possible, and it took a great team to try and do that.”

McVeigh added that Stafford is looking forward to being on the field, but the team will continue to assess his situation The next two weeks at least. This was not what the reigning heroes wanted to hear as they looked to defend their crown.

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