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Prime Video’s Season 2 of ‘Jack Ryan’ Sparks Criticism from Venezuela

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It’s just been a day since the release of the trailer of Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan Season 2, marking a comeback for John Krasinski. Still, the series has managed to make the headlines with criticism on a global level. The trailer which was released on Friday provides a promise of gripping storyline with Venezuela in the center of conspiracy against the US.

Following the release of the trailer, Culture Minister of Venezuela Ernesto Villegas made allegations on the show and said that the trailer encourages an invasion to Caracas. He further condemned the show and said, “Crass war propaganda disguised as entertainment” while linking the trailer to his tweet.

He added, “The military intervention of #Venezuela, put “on the table” by @realDonaldTrump and his gang of fanatic supremacists, is supported by the gringo propaganda machine. Here is a fragment of their ‘cultural offerings.”

In the trailer of the season 2 of Jack Ryan, John Krasinski visits Venezuela amidst the political crisis in an attempt to thwart the nuclear attack against the US. The show further indicates the Russian army supplying arms and nuclear weapons to the forces in Venezuela.

Famous journalists, historians and other prominent figures have condemned the trailer for displaying CIA propaganda of the worst kind and top notch extreme patriotism.

Famed journalist Rania Khalek posted a message on social network, “Leave it to Americans to make a show depicting their victims as monsters who want to nuke them.” She further added that the US intervention in the political crisis and the sanctions imposed on Venezuela have lead to the death of more than 40,000 people.

During a scene in the trailer of Jack Ryan, at one point John Krasinski can be heard saying, “A nuclear Venezuela you will not hear about in the news ’cause we’ll already be dead”.

Similarly, Historian Gary Alexander claimed the trailer to be “snorting 100 [percent] pure John Bolton”. Apart from the historians and journalists, prominent figure like Abby Martin, host and creator of the show Empire Files condemned the show star and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself for propelling such absurd war propaganda on behalf of the Trump administration.”

Even though the 90 second trailer gives a promise of a close-knitted story, still seeing the same old concept of attack against the US and Russians having a hand in those plans is something which fans are tired of.

The trailer also reveals that the audience would have to wait for a long time to have for a proper storyline which does not include the extreme aggressive patriotism and portraying other countries as villains.


  1. I wish the criticism would stall until the series is out. It’s similar backlash to the trailer from the first season, which is why I didn’t watch it until last month and I got humbled. I thought it would be all about framing brown people as terrorists and whites as hero’s, but it wasn’t – white people and the US were written as corrupt, flawed, dangerous, and racist. The Muslim and black men and women in the film were depicted as nuanced, brave, heroic, and patient. They showed how racism, terrorism, and hostility from white Americans and white Europeans were for national elements in turning an individual into an extremist. The message was the West helps to create terrorists that they then claim to want to destroy, if only to reinforce their system of power. Extreme racists looked forward to the show because they thought it would celebrate their ideals – now they are (or used to be) the most outspoken against it.

    The same crew and cast from the first season made the second season – the writers and actors have all publicly denounced the Trump administration, and that’s putting it nicely. If anyone thinks they’re suddenly doing a 180 and not including the influence of US and White European destruction of other countries and communities of color, they’re not paying attention – they’re just reacting to something they think they know, because they assume the show is a glorification of racist news headlines. The thing is – the US is fantastic at covering up their destructive corruption. The cruelty and white supremacy of Trump and his crowd is undeniable, and the treatment of Venezuela is unforgivable. If this tv season is anything like the last, this is a message that will end up in the show. It’s even suggested in the trailer if you pay close enough attention and don’t dismiss it as imperialist propaganda.

    Let the truth out. Don’t kill a message before you know what it says, just because you think you know what it says based on 90 seconds.

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