December 9, 2022

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Secret documents controversy: Trump returns to Supreme Court

Status: 05.10.2022 03:18 am

The legal issue over seized documents has reached a new level of intensity. After losing in court, former President Trump is now appealing to the nation’s highest court. There he can appoint many judges.

Former US President Donald Trump has appealed to the country’s Supreme Court in a dispute over the assessment of seized classified documents.

Trump’s lawyers asked the Supreme Court to overturn the lower court’s ruling. The key question is who owns the 100 classified documents that were seized. Prosecutors wrote in their filing that the US government is trying to criminalize the dispute over document management.

The FBI seized thousands of documents

Legal drag by officials precedes Trump’s move. In early August, the FBI raided Trump’s villa in the US state of Florida. The FBI seized various classified documents, some of which were highly classified.

By law this material must be given to the National Archives. According to the FBI, out of thousands of documents, 100 were marked confidential.

Justice wins in court

In late September, the US Department of Justice won an important victory in court. An appeals court ruled that investigators could continue to use some of the seized documents for their work. It overturned the Florida court’s decision. It initially barred the use of documents marked confidential until neutral investigator Raymond Deary handled the documents in the case.

As part of the appeals court ruling, the special auditor was denied access to documents marked confidential. Trump’s lawyers have now filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking permission for Examiner Derry to examine the documents.

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They argue that during Trump’s tenure as president, he had full authority to declassify documents. Therefore, identifications alone cannot determine whether a document is still classified or whether Trump released it. Therefore, the Special Investigator should approach and investigate these questions.