December 9, 2022

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Selenskij: 60 locations freed: Ukrainian army defuses thousands of landmines in Kherson

Zelenskyy: vacated 60 seats
The Ukrainian army defused thousands of mines in Kherson

Ukraine liberates the Cherson region, and according to President Zelensky, the blue and yellow flag is again waving in about 60 places. But the traditions of the Russian army are dangerous: many die from mines. The army is engaged in detonation of explosives.

After Russian troops withdrew from Kherson, Ukrainian security forces began demining the area. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said 2,000 explosive devices had already been defused. He said there has been massive destruction in the area. “Before fleeing Cherson, the invaders destroyed the entire critical infrastructure – communications, water supply, heating, electricity.”

According to the president, Ukrainian troops have now recaptured about 60 towns in the Cherson region. After eight months of Russian occupation, Ukrainian television is back in the city of Cherson. The regional energy supplier announced that it is working to restore power supply.

In the village of Pravydne outside Kherson, returnees hugged their neighbors, some unable to hold back tears. “Victory at last,” said Svitlana Halak, who lost her eldest daughter in the war. “Thank God we were released, everything is falling into place,” the 43-year-old said. “We are Ukraine,” said her 44-year-old husband, Viktor. Many defunct anti-tank mines and grenades can be found in the settlement, and some damaged houses can also be seen.

“I am very happy to be here (in Kherson) at this historic moment,” Yaroslav Yanushevich, head of Ukraine’s military administration in the Kherson region, said in a video posted online. Everything will be done to “return to normal life”. In addition to demining, a curfew was imposed and access to the city was restricted, Yanushevich said in the video. He stood in the center of Cherson, and people could be seen celebrating in the background. The Ukrainian military released images of residents of Kherson dancing around a bonfire and singing the patriotic song “Shervona Galina”.

Deaths from Russian Mines

About 200 police officers were sent to Cherson to set up roadblocks and “document the crimes of the Russian occupiers,” police chief Igor Klymenko said. He warned residents of explosives left behind by Russian forces. A police officer was injured during demining of an administrative building in Kherson. According to police, a woman and two children were injured in an explosion near their car in the village of Mylov in the Kherson region.

According to the Ukrainian police, people were “killed and injured” as a result of Russian shelling in the Berislav district of the Kherson region.

About nine months after the start of the war, considering the progress of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Moscow ordered the withdrawal from Cherson and the northern part of the region of the same name. The Russian military evacuated the regional capital on Friday morning. In the evening, Zelensky announced that Cherson once again belonged to “our people.”

The withdrawal represented a bitter defeat for Russia, with Cherson being the only regional capital captured by Russian troops. For Moscow, the region is of great strategic importance to continue its offensive in the direction of Mykolaiv and the Black Sea port of Odessa.

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