November 30, 2022

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Selenskyj attacks Scholz – “How can you make money with blood?”

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In: Katja Thorworth, Stephen Grieger

President Olaf Scholes still wants to trust Russian oil. This has angered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

+++ 7.30pm: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has sharply criticized Russia for continuing to buy oil. Selenskiz told the BBC on Thursday that Germany and Hungary had imposed sanctions. “We do not understand how money can be made from blood. Unfortunately, some countries do just that. ” Seven weeks after the start of Russia’s war of aggression, Zhelensky said it was necessary to talk now about changing the attitude of these countries.

“Some of our friends and allies understand that now is a different time, it’s not about business and money. It’s about survival,” the head of state stressed. He praised the United States, Britain and some European countries for their arms sales. “But we need them faster, faster and faster. The key word is” now. “

Volodymyr Zhelensky has been President of Ukraine since 2019. On February 14, he received President Olaf Scholes in Kiev. © K Needfeld / DPA

+++ 6.10pm: Following the cancellation of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit to Kiev, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitrov Kuleba is continuing his cooperation with Germany. “We are not interested in tightening bilateral ties,” Guleba said in Kiev on Thursday (April 14, 2022), according to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Nevertheless, Kyiv expects a new German-Ukrainian policy. “We expect this new German policy from the new German government,” he said. Ukraine disagrees at all on German politics.

Steinmeier’s invitation: The Ukrainian government may have abruptly canceled the visit

+++ 3pm: The Ukrainian government has openly canceled the possible visit of federal leader Frank-Walter Steinmeiner. This is recommended by a report by the German Editorial Network. RND refers to an “informal message” from the Ukrainian government to the German embassy in Kiev. According to the report, it said it would be better not to visit Germany with Polish and Baltic delegations. Among other things, security concerns were expressed.

Before the Ukraine War: Federal Presidents Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Volodymyr Chelensky.
Before the Ukraine War: Federal Presidents Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Volodymyr Chelensky. © Wolfgang Kumm / dpa

Ukrainian President Zelenskyj previously stressed that there had been no “official request” for Steinmeier’s visit. His two advisers have contradicted each other in statements (see update from 4pm on April 13, 2022).

+++ 10.30 am: According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, there is no inquiry into the visit of federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Ukraine. “There have been no official inquiries from the federal president and the federal president’s office regarding the trip to Ukraine for me and our office as president,” Zhelensky told a news conference Wednesday in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Ukrainian Agency Union.

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Updated Thursday, April 14, 2022, from 8:05 AM: Vice President Robert Hebek has criticized Ukraine for canceling the visit of federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “Federal President Germany. That is why President Selensky’s call is Germany’s, ”Green politician Funke told the Press Council (Thursday). “Unfortunately, I have to say this: the Ukrainian side made a diplomatic mistake.”

“Slightly irritated”: Scholes criticize Steinmeier’s downfall – Selensky’s adviser causes confusion

+++ 4pm: Serhiy Leschtschenko, the head of the Ukrainian government under President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has denied US President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit on US television. He told CNN. This contradicts the statement of Olexeij Arestovych, Presidential Adviser on ARD (see update from 9:30 am). He apologized for the cancellation.

+++ 3.30pm: President Olaf Scholes has criticized President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for not being invited by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. The action is “slightly annoying”. He told rbb Inforadio: “The federal president would have wanted to go to Ukraine.” “That’s why it would have been nice to get him,” Scholes continued. The Chancellor opened up about whether he would accept Kiev’s invitation.

Robert Hebeck criticizes Selenskyj's call for Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
Robert Hebeck criticizes Selenskyj’s call for Frank-Walter Steinmeier. © Annegret Hilse / dpa

+++ 9.30 am: Olexeij Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, called on federal leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier to understand why his government had canceled his visit to Kiev. He did not know the reasons, but said in a statement in the ARD “Morgenmagazin” on Wednesday that President Volodymyr Zelenskyj’s policy and decisions were very consistent. The Chancellor expects that he will be able to make practical decisions immediately, including the provision of weapons.

Selenskyj calls Scholes instead of Steinmeier – President Klitschko wants to travel later

+++ 08.45 am: Former world boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko is betting that the federal president will visit the country following Ukraine’s rejection of Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit. On Tuesday evening in the Built newspaper, Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko’s brother said, “The federal president’s visit to Kiev has been postponed and I hope it will be compensated in the coming weeks.” Germany is at the forefront of providing, massively assisting refugees and sending more and more weapons, “Klitschko added.

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Ukraine war: FDP leader Kubiki Selensky sharply criticized

Wednesday, April 13, 2022, updated from 7:00 am: Deputy FDP leader Wolfgang Kubicki initially refused to let President Olaf Scholes go to Kiev after insulting the Ukrainian leadership, federal leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “I could not have imagined that the president of a government backed by the EPDP would go to a country that declares the head of our country an undesirable person,” said Kubiki of the German Press Agency in Berlin.

The war in Ukraine: Steinmeier is unnecessary – Selenskiz calls on President Sholes instead

+++ 9pm: After German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier refused to attend, he summoned Ukrainian President Olaf Scholes (SPD) to Kiev. “Our President and the Government are pleased to announce that President Olaf Scholes will visit Kiev,” Ukrainian Ambassador Andrzej Melnik told ProSieben and SAT on Tuesday evening (April 12, 2022). .1. There should be a visit on how Germany can help Ukraine with heavy weapons in the fight against Russia. “My president looks forward to it,” Melnick said.

Steinmeier is unnecessary: ​​Selensky has no interest in the arrival of a federal leader

First Report, Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 6:50 pm: Warsaw – Diplomatic insult to the federal president: German Chancellor Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit to Ukraine rejected by Kiev leadership. A joint visit with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda and the leaders of the Baltic states was apparently “not desired” in Kyiv, the federal leader said during a visit to Warsaw on Tuesday (April 12, 2022). His meeting with Duda was marked Ukraine wars: Steinmeier denounced Russian “barbarism” Ukraine He paid tribute to Poland’s efforts to repatriate refugees.

Duda suggested that the presidents of Poland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania work together. Kiev The trip was to Warsaw, Steinmeier said. “I was willing to do it, but frankly – and I have to admit it – I did not want it in Kiev,” the federal leader said. Duda’s idea was to use the mission to “send and set a strong sign of common European solidarity with Ukraine.”

Ukraine war: Bundestag members are allowed to come

At first, the film claimed to be the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy The federal president denied a visit to Kiev. However, the Kiev leadership gave the green light to the arrival of several members of the Pantastok: The FDP– Defensive politician Mary-Agnes Stroke-Zimmerman, The SPD-Foreign politician Michael Roth and Anton Hofriter, leader of the Green Party of the European Union, made a trip to Ukraine, where they planned to meet with representatives of the Ukrainian parliament in the west of the country.

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In his previous offices, Steinmeier pursued a pro-Russian policy and the controversial gas pipeline project, which was particularly harshly criticized by Ukraine. North Stream2 Supports. One week ago he admitted mistakes in his policy, drawing up a “bitter balance” and declaring that he was wrong about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The war in Ukraine: harsh criticism of Steinmeier

Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andrei Melnik has previously harshly criticized the federal president and accused him of “creating a spider web”. Russia Should be built ”. He primarily cites Steinmeier’s previous work as Union Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chancellor’s Office.

As for the many Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Steinmeier acknowledged the country’s great desire to receive them in Warsaw. Poland, the main destination for Ukrainian refugees, has already received more than 2.6 million people seeking protection.

The federal president has condemned the war of aggression, saying “Russia has started against Ukraine and has been wreaking havoc, causing casualties, displacement and many other human casualties for the past six weeks.” The Polish government has recently sharply criticized Germany’s position on further sanctions Moscow Demanded training and German arms supply to Ukraine.

Steinmeier: Under Putin, normalcy has not returned

“There is no doubt that we in Germany, along with our neighbors, must do everything we can to increase economic pressure on Russia,” Steinmeier said in Warsaw. Germany is trying to reduce its energy supply from Russia “as soon as possible.” However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Germany’s economic situation.

“In my opinion, one thing is clear: Russia will not return to normalcy with Putin,” Steinmeier said, referring to the Kremlin boss. “Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine are known around the world.” These crimes must be eliminated and the perpetrators and those responsible must be held accountable. (Skr / ktho with AFP / dpa)