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Sen. Warren Stands out with 39% Support During New Hampshire Campaign

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As Sen. Elizabeth Warren continues with her New Hampshire Campaign, it does not come as a surprise that she is finally leading the race for 2020 primaries against her Democratic rivals. Sen. Warren has for long maintained a steady pace, provided a stellar performance in all the democratic debates till now.

She even voiced her opinion on experiencing sexism during the presidential race at one of the Presidential town hall meetings and promised that it would not affect her campaign. Throughout her campaign, the Massachusetts Sen. has gained appreciation from every critic and witnessed a continuous rise in supporters due to her policies.

Amongst many of her policies, her stance on Medicare for All, Student Debt and College fee, and Affordable Housing helped her the most. Even during her New Hampshire campaign, Warren did not shy from backing Bernie Sanders’ plan on Medicare for All, ensuring citizens are put first.

Sanders’ plan promises no-cost coverage providing a wide range of benefits. Her support on putting a stop to private health plans reveals how she as a leader wants to ensure that no one benefits from exploiting health plans of the citizens.

Her detailed “ultra-millionaire tax” on college fees, ensuring no tuition fees for a period of four years for anyone to attend public colleges and universities, also helped her to gain traction with the voters. Similarly, her plan on cancelling loan debt of upto $50,000 for those having an income lower than $100,000 has helped her to gain the support of lower- and middle-income students in debt.

70-year-old Senator with her New Hampshire campaign has also managed to connect with the voters on a personal level for which her plan of “Affordable Housing” and “wealth tax” are primarily responsible.

She plans to mitigate the crisis surrounding Affordable Housing by investing $470 billion to build, rehabilitate or preserve affordable housing in two different plans. Moreover, her plans on “Wealth tax” will raise a large sum of $4 trillion, sufficient to fund plans like universal child care, increased social security payments and also aid in student debt cancellation.

One of the supporters, Paul Kranowski said, “I kind of was expecting a train wreck, I really did, but it was anything but. She (Elizabeth Warren) spoke well, she brought up a lot of good points, she was intelligent, she was very energetic.”

Similarly another voter, 64-year-old Virginia Carter, who was present at Warren’s New Hampshire Campaign claimed that the reason she supports her is because of her splendid performance in all of the debates till now and the energy with which she carries out her campaign.

All things considered, it won’t be wrong to believe that it is her policies and her performance during the campaign that has helped her to stand out in the race amongst Democratic rivals in Iowa and across the nation with a support of 39 percent. Furthermore, having a female leader, who managed to appease all sections of society including the young people, can surely change the current scenario of elections and US politics for good.

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