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Senator Mitt Romney criticizes Donald Trump after Mueller report

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Last updated on April 22nd, 2019

Utah’s Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who has been a consistent political partner of President Trump, condemned the President for his actions that have been highlighted in the revised Mueller report.

“The president’s conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that he has not risen to the mantle of the office. A president should demonstrate the essential qualities of honesty and integrity, and elevate the national discourse with comity and mutual respect,” Mitt Romney wrote.

Attorney General William Barr released a revised version of the report on Thursday morning. It highlighted instances, where Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller when the latter was appointed as a special counsel to investigate about the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections.

The report also stated that Trump’s administration attempted to obstruct the justice, by not allowing Mueller to continue with his investigation. When the news became public, it was widely denied by the Trump administration, claiming it to be “fake”. Earlier, Barr declared that the report did not rise to the level of criminal prosecution to accuse Trump or his administration for this. Trump also claimed that he had been absolved from all the accusations.

Mitt Romney, who was also a former GOP presidential nominee, had been open to criticism from Trump, and both have reluctantly supported each other on various occasions. Trump supported Romney when he stood for the post of the senator, although, his victory was criticized by The Washington Post in January.

In a counterattack to Romney’s statement, Trump tweeted, “Would much prefer that Mitt focus on Border Security and so many other things where he can be helpful. I won big, and he didn’t.”

With the release of Mueller’s report, Senate Democrats called for the President’s impeachment and Romney, who has been one of his sharp critics, became the first Republican to oppose his actions. Utterly disappointed with Trump’s acts he said, “I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President.”

He further asserted, “Reading the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders.”

Despite Mitt Romney’s accusations, most of the Republicans chose not to speak on the revelations made in the Mueller report. It appears that the present atmosphere of confusion in the country might influence the 2020 Presidential elections.


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