February 1, 2023

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“Seven Minute Horror”: Chinese rover lands on Mars

“Seven Minutes of Terror”
Chinese rover lands on Mars

Amazing victory for the upcoming space nation China: the first People’s Republic has arrived on Mars. The rover “Jurang” will now explore the surface of the red planet for months. He owns NASA’s Mini Helicopter Company.

China has landed on Mars for the first time. The landing unit of the Chinese spacecraft “Tianwen-1” touched down on the surface of the red planet with a rover called “Jurong” in the morning, citing the space agency, state news agency Xinhua. Weighing in at 200 kilometers, the rover will spend about three months exploring Mars’ atmosphere and soil, taking pictures and mapping the surface. Its name “Jurang” is derived from a fire god in Chinese mythology.

The launch of the Mars rover “Tianwen-1” with the rover last July was a significant success for China’s space program. The landing process that “Jurang” now has to complete is also called “seven-minute horror” because it can reach Earth more than the radio signals coming from Mars. This means that the Chinese crew was able to see the full automatic landing only with a time delay. Prior to “Jurang”, some Martian robots from other countries had already failed due to a difficult maneuver to land.

One of the three planes to Mars that took off from Earth last summer was a Chinese mission. The United Arab Emirates and the United States were also sending rockets to Mars at the time. In February, the US space agency NASA landed its Mars red planet with the “ingenuity” of an ultra-light mini-helicopter called “Perseverance”. “Ingenuity” completed its first historic flight to Mars in April.

If all goes according to plan, the rover named “Jurang”, named after the Chinese fire god that touched the planet region of Utopia, will have to work and investigate for at least three months. The rover has six wheels and four solar panels and can go up to 200 meters per hour on the surface of Mars. He carries with him the scientific tools needed to gather information about the planet’s surface, geography and climate.

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