December 5, 2022

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“Shameful and disgusting”: Britain jailed for fake corona vaccine

“Shameless and disgusting”
Britain jailed for fake corona vaccine

He pretended to be a health care worker and stabbed a 92-year-old “kind of dart.” The 33-year-old UK is raising 140 for the Corona vaccine. Now he faces up to several years in prison.

Britain has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for allegedly stealing 140 140 (164 euros) from a 92-year-old pensioner. Before Kingston Court, Judge Hannah Kinch described the 33-year-old’s act as “shameful and disgraceful.” The accused pleaded guilty.

At the end of December, at the age of 33, he rang the home call of a pensioner living in south-west London and played an employee of the British Health Service NHS. The elderly woman said he stabbed her “with some kind of tortoise” and paid her £ 140, promising that the amount would be refunded by the NHS. A few days later he rang the bell again and asked for an additional 100 100, which the pensioner had not paid.

In the police statement, a pensioner was quoted as saying that it was “horrible” to pull money out of the elderly’s pockets using vaccines. He believes the case “does not prevent anyone from being vaccinated.”

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