February 1, 2023

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Shark Attacks: Researchers for the New Language Regulation – Negative Meeting

“Sharks have no hands. So if you want to research something, put it in your mouth, ”says Nathan Hart, a professor at Macquarie University. Together with officials in two Australian states, he and several fellow scientists want to make sure official reports no longer talk about “shark attacks”, The Sydney Morning Herald announced. “One could resist the assumption that” sharks are turbulent, mindless human-eating monsters, “said shark researcher Leonardo Guida.

According to the report, the idea was raised at a symposium in May. Authorities have already identified a departure from the previous language regulation. As a result, we need to talk about “negative encounters” or “contacts” with sharks – or “bites” instead of “attacks”.

Shark victims are against the new language regime

The victims’ associations responded angrily. “You don’t just accidentally bite things that float to the surface,” Dave Pearson of the Bite Club told the paper. Many years ago, a shark bit him on the shoulder – and wanted to. “It’s not like a shark patches on the shoulder, ‘Do you care if I eat you?’

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