December 10, 2022

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Situation in Ukraine: Zelenskyj reports on coup plans

Status: 11/26/2021 11:13 pm

According to President Zhelensky, the Ukrainian secret service has uncovered a conspiracy. Ukrainians and Russians are said to be involved. Denied that the Kremlin had any connection.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has announced plans to overthrow his government next week. He told a news conference that he had received intelligence that a coup would take place on December 1 or 2. The president said there were audio recordings of a meeting between Russian and Ukrainian officials that allegedly discussed a coup plot. He pointed to the possible involvement of Rinat Akhmedo, a wealthy oligarch in Ukraine.

Selenskiz said that perhaps entrepreneurs should be inspired, which has nothing to do with it. But he will face Akhmedo with the records. The Ukrainian president did not provide any further information about the recordings or the coup plans, nor did he specifically accuse the Russian government of involvement. When asked if Russia had a hand in it, Zhelensky said he could not talk about it.

The Kremlin denies any involvement

The Moscow government immediately said it had nothing to do with the alleged coup and had no plans to take part. “Russia never handles things like this,” said Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman for the Interfox agency. Akhmedov immediately spoke out and accused the Ukrainian president of spreading “complete lies” if he was involved with such plans.

US President Joe Biden has expressed concern over Zhelensky’s statements. In Nantucket, where he spent the weekend, he reaffirmed US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and self – determination. Karen Danfried, head of the US State Department for European and Eurasian affairs, said the Ukrainian government was in touch for more information.

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Zhelensky’s statements about a planned plot from a stage of growing tensions with Russia. The government in Kiev and the western states accuse Russia of inciting tensions by stationing large troops on the border with Ukraine. They feared that this might indicate plans for the Kremlin’s invasion. The government in Moscow denies any war intentions and for its part talks about increasing NATO operations in the region.

Stoltenberg warns Russia of the consequences of the invasion

Zhelensky said Ukraine was in complete control of its borders and was ready for any escalation of the conflict with Russia. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia that any attempt to invade Ukraine would backfire. “If Russia uses violence against Ukraine, there will be costs and consequences,” Stoltenberg said. He did not comment on the consequences of such an invasion.

According to Ukraine, after a maneuver earlier this year, about 90,000 troops were stationed near Russia’s joint border. So the divisions of the Russian army are near Zhelenzha, about 260 kilometers north of the border. Moscow refuses to provide details of troop movements in its own territory. “This military weapon is unprovoked and indescribable,” Stoltenberg said. He acknowledged that there was no certainty about Russia’s intentions, but said “this is a military structure of a country that has previously occupied Ukraine.”