January 29, 2023

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Sixth ballot defeat: Italy still seeks president

Status: 01/28/2022 10:37 pm

Even in the sixth round of voting, Italy failed to find a new president. Incumbent President Matterella has clearly missed out on an absolute majority. Disagreements will develop between the parties.

After the sixth referendum, Italy is still looking for a new head of state. 1009 MPs and regional representatives could not accept one of the candidates for the highest office in the Republic. With 336 votes, incumbent President Sergio Materella missed the required absolute majority of 505 votes. 445 MPs did not vote, 106 voted blank.

In the previous fifth ballot, the current leader of the Senate, Maria Caselli, received 382 votes – however, 60 voters from the Forza Italia politician’s own camp refused their support.

Among others, former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s right-wing Lega and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia spoke out in their favor ahead of the election.

The center-right relies on its own candidate

The center-right coalition embroiled in a political confrontation this morning with Casselli’s candidacy. The coalition with Lega boss Salvini has surprisingly relied on its own candidate, as it has missed the obligations for a joint cross-party proposal over the past few days. Salvini hailed Casselli as a “corporate candidate” who did not split. He also stressed that the proposal was for a 75-year-old woman in a high position.

Strong criticism from the center-left

The parties in the center-left coalition, on the other hand, criticize the right, go it alone and reject Casselli. They accuse him of being too politically close to Senate President Berlusconi. Piero Fazino, the former leader of the Social Democrats, spoke of the “severe defeat” for Salvini and the center-right coalition in the wake of Casselli’s defeat. If Salvini continues to insist on going it alone, it could jeopardize the current grand alliance under Mario Tracy.

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In the last four days of elections, a majority of the 1,009 voters did not vote because none of the parties’ joint proposals were on the table. It is very difficult to choose the successor of outgoing President Sergio Matterella: no political camp has its own majority in the Electoral Assembly. Potential candidates have so far been blocked by mutual veto.

Meanwhile, discontent between the parties is growing. The party leader of the far-right Fradelli d’Italia complained that nothing could be decided with this parliament. The opposition politician spoke in support of the people electing the head of state.

Meet Lega, Five-Star and Social Democrats

In the evening, Leah met with Social Democrats and party leaders of the Five Star Movement. Together, they connect a significant portion of the voices behind. After the meeting, Lega boss Salvini spoke in support, not mentioning the “talented woman” as president. Conte, the five-star boss, also said he trusts a female president.

Next, the seventh ballot will begin at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Jörg Seisselberg, with information from ARD Studio Rome