December 9, 2022

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Someone is broadcasting all the scarlet and violet Pokemon

Someone is broadcasting all the scarlet and violet Pokemon

Unspoiled photo of a coach riding a Corydon.

screenshot: Freak / Kotaku . Game

Sadly, Nintendo now appears to be completely helpless to me Leaks. So many the first side Toys From the past couple of years it has found its way online – whether it’s streamed or even transcribed and playable on PC – a week or so before its release. join them, scarlet pokemon And the Violet she has Already saw a large number of leaks For the past few days, but at the moment as I write, the entire game is being streamed to an audience of over a thousand people.

Nintendo has been crashing around trying to put out fires all week, like More and more information about carmine And the Violet appeared online, Including spoilers for how the new junior trio has evolved. Thanks to the need to ship physical copies to stores (both online and via the brick-n-mortar site) prior to release, ne’er-do-wells dominate the game in advance, then snatch a moment of internet fame with spoilers. But now things have gotten a lot worse, with an hours-long stream of someone playing the whole game.

Look, it’s up to you, and you can of course Go watch it on Trovo (Tencent’s eerily familiar version of Twitch), but I didn’t really do that. I checked out this story, and actually saw a post-starter development that I didn’t really want to know, and saw a whole bunch of new (but not officially revealed) Pokémon. These are all surprises I won’t get when my copy arrives on the 18th.

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Honestly, when I saw how Quaxly—or Sergeant Duck to give it its proper name—evolved, I was put off by the very beginning I had planned to play with. who – which suck. And yes, I can confirm that those previous leaks are accurate based on some small Pokédex pixel images.

After about 12 hours on this stream, the very annoying ‘reeeetardkun’ must have started to get tired. But not before every secret from the game has found its way there. I am not reporting them here, though God knows it will be difficult for all of us to avoid all sorts of secrets over the next seven days.

It’s worth noting that I’ve also seen the game completely navigate the stream, with each site becoming just a white screen but for info popup. Fixed it by quitting and reloading, but that doesn’t bode well. but, Nintendo has made it clear that the game gets a 1GB patch on day onemaybe such problems are removed by launch?

Trovo is supposed to be used for this, because Nintendo would have had Twitch contacts shut this down for hours. With 11 hours of gameplay out there now, throwing this game away would be pointless. And, you know, perspective, it’s a video game: it’s too bad for Nintendo, but we just need to look away. And as much as I’d like to get an idea of ​​a lot of new Pokemon, I’d rather have a few surprises in a week.

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