November 29, 2022

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Sources say the Colts will put full-back Shaquille Leonard in the position of IR

Sources say the Colts will put full-back Shaquille Leonard in the position of IR

The Roaring Season of the Indianapolis Colts All-Pro Quarterback Shaquille Leonard It takes another turn.

After being ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders earlier Friday, the Colts are now planning to put Leonard in injured reserve after a setback on his way back from off-season back surgery, sources told ESPN Adam Shifter.

The decision means Leonard will miss at least four of the Colts’ remaining eight games.

Interim coach Jeff said on Saturday that Leonard had not finished training on Wednesday because something “was different” in the back and nerve-related issues that Leonard had been dealing with since undergoing surgery in June.

“They examined him and are working with him to assess his condition,” he said Saturday of the team’s medical staff.

Leonard has played only three games this season. He debuted in Week 4 on October 2, but sustained a broken nose and concussion in that match after a collision that flexed his face mask. Leonard is back in action in Week 8, but is now out again after playing his previous two Colts games.

It was frustrating for several months for Leonard, whose doctors discovered he had an impinging nerve in his back, causing lower body pain. Leonard expanded on the slow progress earlier this week.

“Every week I felt better, starting with the first week of training, and I couldn’t move and get tough,” he said. “In the past two games, I see myself moving better. But we’re still not there. The nerve is still not shooting in the calf.”

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