December 10, 2022

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South Africa: Dual vaccination with Biontech protects against severe Omikron studies – Guide

South Africa announced the discovery of the Omigron variant – and only South Africa could quietly clarify everything. Everyone who has been vaccinated with at least a double dose of Biotech / Pfizer.

A new study in South Africa shows: Two-dose vaccines provide significant protection against acute coronavirus.

The investigation is based on 211,000 positive test results from November 15 to December 7. South Africa’s largest private health insurance executive, Discovery Health, announced on Tuesday that 78,000 infections were caused by the new virus variant Omigron.

︎ A dual biotech vaccine provides 70 percent protection against rigorous hospital admissions and 33 percent protection against infection.

However, the authors of the study point out that these are the initial results of the first three weeks of the Omigron wave in South Africa, which may change as the virus spreads. They concluded that there was a higher risk of re-infection during the fourth wave in South Africa than previous waves.

At the same time, the risk of being hospitalized by corona by adults is 29 percent lower than the first wave that occurred in early 2020. In contrast, the risk of children being hospitalized seems to be 20 percent higher than the first stage. Wave, absolute frequency but very low.

Personal reports from hospitals in South Africa suggest that most Govt-19 diagnoses in children are accidental. Many children who came to the hospital for other illnesses were tested positive for routine screening.

Discovery Health expert Shirley Collie: “Children were 51 percent less likely to get a positive test for Covit-19 than adults during the Omigran period, and the overall risk of having children with Covit-19 complications in the hospital is lower.”

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