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South Bend Police Department Slams Pete Buttigieg

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The road ahead of Pete Buttigieg seems to be quite rocky, as the Democratic hopeful constantly juggles between his controversial tenure as the Mayor of South Bend Indiana and his campaign for 2020 elections. The situation continues to worsen for him, after his failed town hall meet with the locals, he is now being criticized by the local law enforcement for his remarks during meet.

Following the town hall meet, the South Bend Police released a statement in evening, condemning the remarks Buttigieg made about the police officers. The controversy arose after a disputable and sensitive encounter of 54-year-old African American Eric Logan by a white police officer Ryan O’Neill.

As per the statement, “All Police work and all American life takes place in the shadow of racism.” The incident is also eyed with distrust as O’Neill failed to capture the encounter with the body camera as it was switched off.

According to the reports, in the early hours of June 16, Logan was ransacking through cars in the parking lot of an apartment, when officer O’Neill appeared on the scene in lieu of the report of “someone trying to steal the cars” was made. When confronted, Logan approached O’Neill with a knife and the officer in retaliation opened fire causing Logan’s death.

While all of this is an alleged summary of what happened, a special prosecutor will be appointed after the request of the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office for an independent investigation of the case.

In the statement released, the police department blamed Pete Buttigieg of taking advantage from the shooting, saying, “Buttigieg’s focus on this incident is solely for his political gain and not the health of the city he serves.” They also pressed upon the claims that Buttigieg has not “unified” the South Bend community.

The statement also criticized Buttigieg on turning his attention on only one family, leaving behind the other families affected by the mass shooting. The department in their statement also reprimanded the 2020 Democratic hopeful as he has not made an official statement in regards of the largest mass shooting in the history of South Bend, which injured 11 and left behind 1 dead.

With the upcoming elections, such controversies might negatively impact the campaign and vote count of Pete Buttigieg. Considering Buttigieg’s tnure as the Mayor, this is not the first time that he has been involved in such a controversy. With all things said, Mayor Buttigieg might not be able to pave his way out if he does not start giving clear stances.

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