February 2, 2023

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Spain: Sanchez wants to apologize to Catalan independence supporters

To the Prime Minister of Spain Puntarenas Sanchez This is dangerous But an important step: He wants to pardon the nine leading Catalan independent lawyers currently in prison. Sanchez discovered this on a trip Barcelona Announced the capital of Catalonia. Accordingly, the Spanish cabinet will approve the apology on Tuesday.

Nine prominent politicians were responsible for the attempt to divide Catalonia in 2019 Spain He has been sentenced to nine to 13 years in prison. The government in Madrid considered the referendum to be illegal and it was overturned Spain To a state crisis.

Catalonia’s population is divided into two equal groups, the pro-independence and the anti-independence. They want to maintain unity in other parts of Spain and are against the partition of Catalonia.

The background to Sanchez’s announcement may have been that he was operating in a minority government and was dependent on separatist votes for a majority in parliament. However, amnesty is also dangerous for Sanchez because the prisoners are sticking to the partition of Catalonia – and their amnesty has not spread to other parts of Spain.

Sanchez likes controversy with publications Catalonia Make peace. Forgiveness is the denial of the central element of separatism. They have been saying it for years Madrid Suppress the Catalan people as brutally as a dictatorship.

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