January 28, 2023

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Spain: The heat wave brings unrealistic temperatures – European record could fall

The weekend is said to be the hottest in southern Europe. Spain and Italy are particularly affected. It should come to temperatures up to 50 degrees.

Munich – An intense heat wave is expected to hit southern Europe. A low Sahara wind is bringing to Spain. A new heat record is in progress. “Temperatures around 45 degrees are expected around Seville,” said Veronica Grieger, a meteorologist with the weather portal. Weather Channel. “It could break the European temperature record,” he said. Europe’s temperature record of 48 degrees in Athens in 1977 does not seem to be far off. Other experts make similar predictions.

“About 48 degrees possible”: Will the heat wave break European records in Spain?

“Local values ​​of 45 C and above are expected, especially on Sunday afternoons,” according to French meteorologist Guillo Sochet, he announced via Twitter. ARD meteorologist Carsten Swange posted on stage: “Monday will be even hotter in Spain than Sunday. DWD Model ICON-EU Issues> 46 க்கு C. 1550 m> 30 ° C temperature for Murcia area. “

I think about 48 degrees is possible. “

Meteorologist Carsten Swange via Twitter

Carsten Swange released a graphic for this. Orange to Dark Red to Purple: The color scale for upcoming temperatures illustrates Spain’s expected warmth. It is expected to last from Saturday to Monday. Then the temperature drops Video Explained by a French meteorologist on Twitter. In Seville, Veronica Grieger says the temperature should drop to ten degrees Weather Channel. In Spain, however, the weather is not the only concern. The corona situation in the country is deteriorating. The federal government wants to classify the holiday as a risk area.

However, the heat wave is not over. It should go straight to Italy, as predicted by the meteorologist. “The air masses are cooling down a bit, but temperatures are rising in Italy over the next few days,” the meteorologist said. It is easy to imagine that “the rise of this hot air may advance Germany.” Will this put an end to the changing weather in this country?

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In Canada, too, there have been extreme temperatures recently. After the end of June in the Canadian village of Lytton
A fire was almost completely destroyed by hell. The community, about 260 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, had previously recorded three consecutive days of heat recordings. On June 29, 2021, the thermometer showed 49.6 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada. DWT meteorologist Sebastian Sheppard described the heat wave as an “unprecedented event” in Canada. (mbr / dpa)

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