December 10, 2022

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Spanish pond overheats: Big fish deaths in Mar Manor

The Spanish pool overheated
The biggest fish deaths in Mar Manor

The small sea in southeastern Spain was once a crab, fish and tourist paradise. Today Mar Manor blows a stench and resembles a green soup. Scientists blame overheating and over-fertilization. Now the death of a fish terrifies politics.

Environmental disaster in Europe’s largest saltwater pond: About 7.5 tons of dead fish and crabs were removed from the water in the Mar Manor (“small sea”) in southeastern Spain within seven days. This was reported by the “ABC” newspaper and other media outlets quoting the Murcia regional government. Officials and environmental activists blame a lack of oxygen for most of the deaths, which are caused by high temperatures and pollution.

The head of the government of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Miras, invited Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a letter to an “immediate meeting” to take action to save domestic water that has been plagued by environmental problems for years. The decision will be made. After several incidents in recent years, Lopez Miras said Mar Manor should be declared a disaster area. About two years ago, for example, three tons of dead pond populations – mainly small fish and crabs – were washed away.

Mar Manor was once considered a natural and tourist paradise – today you usually just smell a rotten stench of “green soup”. The culprit is called eutrophication – the harmful enrichment of nutrients in water caused by human activities. This leads to a strong increase in algae and bacteria, which cause the loss of livelihoods of other plant species, fish and other animals and small organisms. High temperature accelerates eutrophication. A few days ago, a heat wave brought temperatures above 40 degrees in Spain’s Murcia.

The Conservative regional government criticizes the weather and the left-wing central government, which offers very little support. However, environmental activists support the regional government. They did nothing against intensive farming near the pond which was the main cause of the problem. Especially in heavy rains, the soil containing fresh water and a lot of fertilizer will come into the pond.

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