December 3, 2022

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Speech at Energy Week: Putin accuses US of sabotage

Status: 10/12/2022 2:24 pm

In a speech at Russian Energy Week, Russian President Putin says the US is dealing with Baltic Sea pipelines. Western countries threaten the global economy with their sanctions and gas price ceilings.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has again accused the US of sabotaging the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Ukraine, Poland and the United States will benefit from this act of “international terrorism,” Putin said in his speech at the start of Russian Energy Week in Moscow.

The US would be interested in the deal as it wants to export more liquefied natural gas to Europe. “We will not tolerate any actions that disrupt our infrastructure,” Putin said. The aim is to ultimately sever ties between the EU and Russia and weaken Europe, Putin continued.

Russia expects to maintain oil export levels at current levels until 2025 and make Russian gas production available on the world market.

Putin: Western energy policy is to blame

Putin accused the West of ignoring simple economic laws, endangering the global energy market. Imposed spot prices and an agreed gas price cap are now putting Europe under pressure – prices will now be higher, which will drive inflation.

“Like in the Middle Ages, people started buying trees and now blame Russia,” Putin said. Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, which Putin continues to refer to as “special action in Donbass,” has nothing to do with high energy prices. The only reason is Western energy policy.

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Russia accuses the West of dereliction of duty

Russia is ready to resume supplies, Putin said. A Nord Stream 2 pipeline is still viable: “You have to run the pipeline,” Putin said. Russia has always stood by its obligations – unlike the West, which, according to Putin, refuses to fulfill its treaty obligations.

Putin has insisted that he supports a green energy transition, but for political and ideological reasons he should not move forward with renewables. The oil and gas sector is already suffering from a lack of investment, with $2.5 trillion withdrawn.

Putin said that Russia will always be an important partner in the global energy market. The capabilities of the Russian power generation sector are currently being developed.