Sony and Disney Settle Feud as Spider-Man Stays with Marvel Universe

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The feud between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios has finally come to an end. The entertainment giants who were deadlocked over the cinematic future of Spider-Man, have confirmed that the fictional character will stay in the Marvel universe.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney said last month that they could not come to mutual terms in order to continue working together on the live-action “Spider-Man Homecoming” series. However, the decision was reversed on Friday, much to the glee of the Marvel fans, who were furious with Disney’s intervention.

The resolution also implies that President of the Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, will now produce third film in the “Spider-Man Homecoming” series, Disney and Sony jointly confirmed on Friday.

“We have had a great collaboration over the last four years, and our mutual desire to continue was equal to that of the many fans,” Sony Pictures said in a tweet on Friday. “We are delighted to be moving forward together,” it added.

The nexus of dispute between entertainment giants was about who shares how much of the box office revenue and production costs of the movies starring the character. Although negotiations were moving forward between Disney and Sony, the settlement only came on Friday, Robert Lawson, Sony’s chief communications officer confirmed.

Sony took possession of movie rights to Spider-Man before Disney bought Marvel Comics and its intellectual property. The entertainment studios have since collaborated, with Spider-Man joining the Marvel Universe. The same universe that includes, Iron-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain American, Ant-Man and many more characters.

Interestingly, Spider-Man is the only superhero to feature between Marvel and Sony’s cinematic universe, Feige said in a statement. “As Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold,” he added.

After the announcement, Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man, posted a clip on Instagram from Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” In the video, DiCaprio can be heard speaking, “You know what? I’m not leaving. The show goes on.”

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Zendaya, Holland’s co-star in “Spiderman: Far From Home,” tweeted a video of an animated Spider-Man dancing, as an expression of joy on the verdict.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man fans also went crazy over the decision and one of them named Current Banjo-Kazooie Main wrote: “Spidey’s in the MCU again and I am LIVING.”

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