January 28, 2023

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Sports cars and self-esteem: Are fast cars and penis length linked?

Sports cars and self-esteem
Are fast cars and penis length related?

Fast and expensive cars are often associated with drivers with small penis sizes. Researchers are investigating whether this prejudice can be scientifically proven. However, you need a trick to experiment.

A common misconception is that men with small penises often drive large cars. Four British researchers have now investigated whether there really is a link between penis size and a preference for sports cars. But Daniel C. from University College London. Before the team led by Richardson could begin the investigation, they had to overcome several hurdles.

From other studies with similar topics, the scientists knew that creating an acceptable study design was difficult. Asking men about their penis size is not only sensitive and intimate, but often lacks honest answers.

To avoid these pitfalls, psychologists in the field of experimental psychology cheated their subjects. They said they wanted to apply their method to 200 men between the ages of 18 and 74 to see how well people could remember certain information when shopping online.

Misinformation and self-esteem

However, the structure of the experiment seems simple and straightforward. During the experiment, the subjects were first shown some information on the screen. After that, a picture of a particular product was shown. The men were asked to indicate online how much exposure they wanted to the product. Along with the information, the researchers intercepted false facts about average penis size. An average length of a penis of 18 centimeters was recommended for the male group.

In this way, the researchers wanted to create uncertainty or insufficient self-esteem in the test subjects – and finally saw that many men in this group rated sports cars as particularly desirable when evaluating the data. This effect is especially visible in people aged 29 years and above. With other products such as a valuable watch, on the other hand, these particularly strong desires are not created.

The opposite was claimed for the other group of men. Here the researchers interjected the fact that the average penis size is 10 centimeters. In this way, men’s self-esteem in relation to their ideal piece should be strengthened. In fact, a large proportion of subjects in this group did not find sports cars desirable.

The study has not yet been peer-reviewed

The current study, whose quality has not yet been verified by other scientists, has so far only been classified as one type. Called “PrePrint”.. However, the results may reinforce the widespread misconception that buying a fast and expensive car can be a form of compensation.

But what is the average penis length? A paper published in 2015 sheds light on this. For the systematic review, researchers analyzed data from a total of 15,500 men aged 17 to 91 from different countries. According to this, the average slender penis is 9.16 centimeters long. It reaches a length of 13.12 cm.

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