Stan Lee’s Legacy Suffering Meaty Blows of Disgust Already?

Stan Lee’s Legacy Suffering Meaty Blows of Disgust Already?

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What is superhero, but a person who does extraordinary things in a rather ordinary way. Stan Lee – the super human himself – who gave this world so many reasons to feel super, has become a point of argument after his death. As per Lee’s daughter, J.C. Lee, neither Marvel nor Disney reached out to her after her father passed away, despite both having recently showcased a number of cameos featuring the then 95-year for future movies. Further claiming that it is both the studios that have most disrespected Stan Lee.

The claims imply that cinematic future of Stan Lee’s creation might be under the scanner after the claims, but the extent of support to which Marvel and Disney supported Lee financially has a lot to say in the matter.

Beginning 2005, Marvel and Stan Lee reach consensus after the latter sued the firm for failing to comply with terms of the agreement, which said that he would be paid 10 per cent of the profits. His claims demanded profits from first two Spider-Man and X-men movies, for which he was allegedly paid $10 million. Besides, serving as Marvel’s chairman, it is believed that he had an annual salary of $1million for his duties.

However, despite the financial gains, the personal problems with the family gave rise to newer conflicts. Notably, in the months leading up to Stan Lee’s death in 2018, court documents revealed that he was not only facing the legal challenges over improper use of his name and wealth, but also shared rowdy relationships with her daughter. In addition to those claims, it also surfaced that J.C. verbally abused Lee and also physically assaulted both her parents on at least one occasion, after they denied access to car leased in Lee name.

All this got even more complicated when Lee’s public interaction was cut down to almost zero. Though he would post on social media, but it later emerged that it was not him, and his disgraced caretaker Keya Morgan, who was controlling things.

Such a situation, thus, is in direct conflict to the claims made by J.C., who allegedly is playing the blame game with the studios or lest sharing the burden of her evil deeds with them. Yet for the man that gave so many superheroes to this world, and made generations bow to his innovations, the saga of Stan Lee and his super humans is now suffering meaty blows of disgust.

Also, in the competition between the studios that have access to some of the greatest reel life heroes, it must be kept in mind that Stan Lee’s legacy must never be compromised over personal rivalries.

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