November 29, 2022

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Steinmeier calls for a decisive fight against climate change

Updated on 03/11/2022 06:26

  • A lot of work and money is currently flowing around the world to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine.
  • These are resources that will be lacking later in the fight against climate change.
  • In Kyoto, the federal president called for the fight to continue.

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Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier Decided to fight against Climate change Called – Despite the war in Ukraine, it combines many resources. During a visit to the old Japanese imperial city of Kyoto on Thursday, he recalled the greenhouse gas reduction protocol signed there a quarter of a century ago.

“The spirit of Kyoto must live on,” he said in a speech at the prestigious Toshisha University. “Despite all the crises, we must not fall behind, on the contrary: we must go further.”

Steinmeier on fight against climate change: “It’s in humanity’s hands”

Steinmeier expressed hope that the upcoming climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh in a few days’ time will rally the ambition to continue implementing the agreements reached at previous conferences to limit global warming in Paris and Glasgow. Humanity is in control.

“Let’s not paralyze ourselves with fear — let’s take the necessary steps to rebuild our communities now,” Steinmeier said. “We won’t win in shock, not in angry protest. But we won’t win in hard work to finish the tasks before us.”

Steinmeier played with it “Past Generation” coalition’s countermeasures Its activists have been plastered on the streets for months. More recently they have moved to the party headquarters in Berlin and Monet threw mashed potatoes at the painting in the Barberini Museum in Potsdam.

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The Kyoto Protocol mandated binding reductions in greenhouse gases for the first time

The Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1997, was the first time the international community committed itself to an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Industrialized countries agreed to cut their emissions by at least five percent between 1990 and 2012 as a first step. The United States has not ratified the protocol.

The Federal President and his wife Elke Pedenbender traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto in the morning as part of a trip to Japan – the eco-friendly way with the Shinkansen high-speed train. He covered the 513 km route in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Steinmeier said in his speech that in a world where many countries are feeling the effects of the war in Ukraine and trying to deal with the economic consequences, there is no room for other issues. Additionally, war leads to fear and insecurity. “Uncertainty and fear are not good prerequisites for trying to innovate and break new ground globally.” However, the war in Europe is significantly undermining the fight against climate change.

Although global signs now point to conflict, we must ensure that a minimum level of international cooperation is maintained, Steinmeier continued. “That also means cooperation beyond political differences. Because without cooperation, we will never be able to tackle the human task of climate change.” (dpa/ank)

The war in Ukraine, climate change, inflation and the coronavirus: these are the current crises. A current McKinsey survey reveals what worries Germans the most.

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