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Gay Marriage Supporter Steven Reed Elected as Montgomery’s Mayor

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Montgomery, the capital city of Alabama has elected Steven Reed, a probate judge, as its new Mayor Tuesday night. With the verdict of mayoral elections, the 200-year-old city has successfully made history by electing first African-American Mayor. Reed won the elections by a majority of 67 percent votes and defeating businessman David Woods.

45-year-old Reed, who was also the first African-American probate judge of Montgomery County, is expected to take the office of Mayor on November 12. Reed, who has been quite vocal about his opinions, gained attention earlier after he provided same-sex marriage licenses as the first probate judge in Alabama.

Not only did Steven Reed at that time blatantly expressed his views and provided support on gay marriage but also criticized Chief Justice Roy Moore for commanding to not issue marriage licenses to gay couples. However, he was forced to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples following the decision of the Alabama Supreme Court to end same-sex marriages on the grounds of morality.

Following the verdict of elections on Tuesday night, Reed said, “This election has never been about me. This election has never been about just my ideas. It’s been about all the hopes and dreams that we have as individuals and collectively in this city.”

Steven Reed will replace Todd Strange, who has served as the Mayor of the Alabama capital since 2009. While addressing the rally of supporters after being elected as the Mayor, Reed said, “Let the record show tonight, above all … what we can do when we come together in this city and we build around positivity, around opportunity, and all the things that tie us together versus those things that keep us apart.”

“Tonight isn’t the end, tonight is the beginning. Tonight sent a signal, not just to all of us here in Montgomery, all of us in Alabama, it sent a signal throughout this country about what kind of community we are right now, not what we were,” he added.

With Democrat Steven Reed joining the office as the Mayor soon, Montgomery looks forward to improvements in the education sector, law system and other domains of public department, without the Mayor being forced to change his decisions like he had to in March 2015.