December 5, 2022

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Strict criticism of Joe Biden

D.The American flag was unfurled on Sunday evening 20 years later in front of the embassy in Kabul. After the start of “Operation Enduring Freedom”, the Marines raised the stars and lines in December 2001, ordering the embassy to take over the orphanage, which had been orphaned since 1989. The same flag was lowered before the civil war, at the end of which the Taliban came to power in Kabul for the first time. Now the message is locked again.

Majid Sattar

Washington-based North American political correspondent.

State Department spokesman Nate Price said the embassy had completed a “safe evacuation”. The entire crew is being held at the airport grounds in Kabul, which are guarded by the US Armed Forces. Ross Wilson, who was the acting ambassador in Kabul, was also there now. He should be in the capital indefinitely with a key diplomatic team. On Monday, Taliban militants gathered in front of the US embassy and shouted “Allahu Akbar”. There were no attempts to attack the area.

American soldiers fired into the sky

This is one of the things that Americans do about protecting the airport. Taliban representatives announced that they would allow the Americans to leave unhindered. But on Monday, thousands of Afghan civilians seeking to escape the new regime infiltrated the area, entered Darshala and boarded transport planes. American soldiers fired into the sky to control the crowd. Initially, flights to Afghanistan were stopped with US visas. The dismissal of U.S. workers was said to be a priority. One would go back to examine the applications of Afghans – many of them former aides to the Americans. All flights were then grounded for security reasons. Washington had previously ordered a further 1,000 troops to Kabul, thus increasing the security force to 6,000.

Afghanistan pushes civilians: U.S. troops in Darshala at Kabul airport on Monday

Afghanistan pushes civilians: U.S. troops in Darshala at Kabul airport on Monday

Image: AFP

On Monday morning, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer returned to the public: Afghanistan aid workers will be taken care of in the future. However, first-time arrivals at the airport are not flown out. A streamlined procedure will be followed, he told CNN. Problem: Americans can only protect the airport, not some parts of the city. And many Afghans fear the Taliban could block access to the airport. So hurry. About 2,000 Afghans are said to have been expelled so far. 20,000 people are said to want to apply. Then on Monday, the US commander in Kabul, Washington, met with the Taliban and assured them that they would not interfere in the evacuation operation.

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