December 2, 2022

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Strict rules in Herat: The Taliban divide women and men in restaurants

Strict rules in Herat
The Taliban divide men and women in restaurants

The regime of the more moderately declared Taliban has degenerated into empty promises. Radical Islamists are increasingly excluding women from the world of education and work in Afghanistan. In Herat, they even ban men and women from going to restaurants and parks together.

The ruling Taliban in Afghanistan have imposed severe gender segregation in restaurants and public parks in the western city of Herat. In restaurants, local Taliban spokesman Riyazullah Chirad said women and men should now sit at separate tables. Public parks are reserved for men on some days and women on other days.

Chirat, who represents the worst ministry for promoting morality and preventing spouses in Herat, said restaurant owners have been warned not to enforce the rule, even if they are married couples. It is very common for men and women to go to restaurants together in Afghanistan, especially in Herat, which is considered a liberal city by Afghan standards.

Afghan women must wear burqas

Safiullah, the restaurant owner, confirmed that he had been informed of the new rule by the authorities. The order must be followed, ” he said. “But it has a very negative impact on our business.”

After coming to power in August, the Taliban promised a more moderate government than they had in 1996-2001. However, in recent months, many women’s liberties have been reduced, for example in the education and job markets. Most recently, a nationwide regulation to cover the entire body has drawn international criticism. In Herat in particular, authorities banned the issuance of driving licenses to women.

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