February 2, 2023

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Strike against the most powerful cartel: Mexico’s drug lord’s wife caught

Strike against the most powerful cartel
Wife trapped by drug lord of Mexico

The drug trafficker “El Menzo” is the leader of Mexico’s most powerful criminal gang. Now the soldiers have arrested his wife. The 58-year-old is said to have managed the funds of the Jalisco Nua Generacial Cartel.

Nemesio Oseguerre, or “El Menzo”, the wife of Mexico’s most wanted drug trafficker, was arrested during a military operation in the west of the country. The Ministry of Defense has announced that Rosalinda Gonzalez Valencia has been arrested by the military in the town of Jabopan in the state of Jalisco. Officials spoke of “a major blow to the financial structure of organized crime in the state of Jalisco.”

According to the US Justice Department, Gonzalez was responsible for the finances of the infamous Jalisco Nueva Genera (CJNG) Cardinal. The 58-year-old hails from a drug trafficking family and was arrested once in 2018. He was later released on bail. He is said to have run a network of dozens of companies to launder the illicit profits of the criminal organization.

Within a few years, the CJNG had risen to become one of the most powerful players in the Mexican underworld and was rapidly gaining influence, especially to the detriment of the Sinaloa cartel of the former drug lord “El Chapo”, which had been weakened by civil wars. The gang is now one of the largest methamphetamine manufacturers in the world.

The CJNG acts very brutally against rival gangs and the state security forces. During a fight with soldiers and police officers, their members shot down an army helicopter in 2015. The main area of ​​influence of the mob is in western Mexico. The United States has rewarded Cartel boss El Menzo with $ 10 million.

Gonzalez was arrested two days before a summit in Washington between Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On one side of the meeting on Thursday, Lopez Obrador and Fiden also want to come to a bilateral meeting, which, among other things, will deal with drug trafficking on the US-Mexico border.

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