November 30, 2022

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Stronger opposition than expected: US: Kremlin troops lag behind schedule

Stronger resistance than expected
USA: Kremlin troops run behind schedule

The Russian offensive in Ukraine is slowly advancing. The Pentagon believes that Moscow’s troops are already “a few days late”. According to Washington, this is the cause of stubborn opposition. The Inspector General of the German Armed Forces issued a similar statement.

The US government believes Russia is “behind” the attack on Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Russian troops were facing unexpected opposition. “We think they’re a few days behind than they expected.” However, Kirby warned that it would be dangerous to interpret or predict anything in it. He added that the US government now sees no threat to NATO allies from the Russian military.

Inspector General of the German Armed Forces Eberhard Sorn issued a similar statement. “We are witnessing the support of the most courageous army of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, civilians and a brilliant organization,” the top German soldier told the ZDF in the evening. Ukraine has long been ready for this attack. “In this sense, the advancement of the Russian Armed Forces is a stumbling block,” he said. So far, however, only a third of Russian troops stationed on the border with Ukraine have been stationed in the affected country.

“That means there are still forces, we call them the second and third waves, available,” Jோர்rn said. These are expected to be used with artillery and air force support. Correspondingly, more casualties are expected among the civilian population.

Kirby stressed, “We will continue to support the Ukrainian armed forces as we did with other NATO allies, and we will continue to find ways to help them defend themselves.” However, he will not release the “inventory” because it will not be useful for the protection of Ukrainians.

Kirby reiterated that a diplomatic solution would be possible if Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted it. “Mr. Putin’s obstinacy is nothing more than his own obstinacy to do what is right here.” According to Kirby, Putin does not want to choose this path. He uses violence against his neighbor, which poses no threat to him.

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