May 27, 2022

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Student stoned to death: Lynch gang kills Nigerian Christian woman

The student was stoned
Lynch gang kills Nigerian Christian woman

A Christian student has been killed by an angry mob after the young woman allegedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad in the eyes of fellow Muslim students in Nigeria. This is only the latest in a series of incidents in the north of the country.

One of the gangs that brutally murdered and burned the body of a Christian student in the Nigerian state of Sokoto. Police say dozens of Muslim students have stoned a young woman in anger after she entered a public WhatsApp group. “Students forcibly took the victim from a security room hidden by school officials, killed her and set the building on fire.”

According to reports, the student’s statement was taken as an insult to the Prophet Muhammad. The video of the dead student in a pink robe lying face down among dozens of stones spread on the internet.

Police have announced that they will investigate these videos and arrest those involved. So far two people have been arrested. The state government has ordered the immediate closure of the school to find “distant and proximate causes of the incident”. The definitive statement about the alleged “blasphemy” is not yet clear.

This is the latest case of a group of fanatical youths killing people in northern Nigeria for blasphemy. Unlike the Christian majority in the south of Nigeria, the north is inhabited by conservative Muslims. Many northern states have Sharia law, which imposes the death penalty for blasphemy. Islamic courts operate in conjunction with the state justice system and impose the death penalty for adultery, blasphemy and homosexuality. But the execution was not carried out. However, murder cases without a trial are very common.

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