February 1, 2023

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Study of Coronavak in China: The dead vaccine does not work against Omigran

Study of Corona in China
The dead vaccine does not work against Omigran

The omigran variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world. This will become a problem, especially for countries vaccinated by Chinese manufacturer Sinovak. Because researchers have now discovered: the dead vaccine fails with the new mutant.

For their corona vaccine, some are waiting for vaccines based on other technologies, such as existing vaccines. Inactivated vaccines raise the suspicion that some mRNA suspects will still be vaccinated. The European Pharmaceutical Agency EMA recently approved such a vaccine with Nuvaxovid from the US manufacturer Novavax. China has long used deadly vaccines in the fight against corona infection. Hong Kong researchers have now discovered that the Chinese manufacturer Sinovak’s Coronavac omigran variant has failed – even after a booster vaccine.

For you Study Scientists used blood samples from vaccinated individuals to study the effect of the new Omigron corona virus variant. Their conclusion: Of those vaccinated with the MRNA vaccine from Biotech / Pfizer, 20 to 25 percent developed neutralizing antibodies against the Omigran variant, but with lower antibody titers than previous variants.

The dead vaccine Coronavac, on the other hand, proved ineffective in the study: none of the participants developed neutralizing antibodies against Omigran. Even a booster syringe could not increase safety. The authors of the study described the antibody level as “very bad” after three coronavirus vaccines in Omigran’s view. When tested with delta variant, 68 percent of those who were vaccinated against coronavir developed neutralizing antibodies.

The research team writes that for those who have been vaccinated twice against coronavirus, which has been boosted by the biotech vaccine Comirnaty, vaccine protection against Omikron is very good. “Those who receive two doses of coronavir should receive a third dose of Comirnaty six months after the second vaccination in order to receive optimal protection against Omigran,” says Malik Peiris, author of the study.

For China and many developing countries, the results of the Hong Kong study are bad news. To date, 2.3 billion coronavir cans have been manufactured and shipped, most of which have been vaccinated in China alone. If the vaccine does not work against the Omikron variant, there is a risk of a dramatic increase in the number of cases in many countries.

Novavax Omicron announces specific vaccine

How Novavox’s inactivated vaccine, based on the same principle as Coronavak, protects against the Omigron variant has not yet been explored. According to initial data from the American Pharmaceutical Company, the vaccine also provides effective protection against new mutants. At the same time, NovaVax announced the Omicron-specific vaccine.

According to the Federal Ministry of Research, inactivated vaccines contain killed pathogens, which means they can no longer reproduce. They can only contain components or individual molecules of these pathogens. Examples of vaccines against hepatitis A and influenza. The body cannot distinguish between dead vaccine and pathogen and activates the target immune system to protect against real infection.

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