January 28, 2023

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Study shows strong immunity: A third dose of Astra provides additional stimulation

Study shows strong immunity
The third dose of Astra provides additional stimulation

British researchers show that a third vaccine with the AstraZeneca vaccine again increases protection against Govt-19. They are still critical of whether this freshness should be used in a timely manner. Meanwhile, tests are already underway with an adapted version of the vaccine.

The third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine builds higher immunity, the researchers said. It developed the vaccine in collaboration with a British pharmaceutical company as a result of a study by Oxford University. Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford vaccination team, says that such a booster is not necessary because the vaccine is administered in two doses and, according to current knowledge, somehow protects against the current viral variants for a long time.

Therefore, a third dose vaccination is not acceptable in the UK, as no vaccine is available in other countries. The British government is considering plans for a vaccine rejuvenation campaign in the fall. Three in five adults in the UK have already received two doses of the corona vaccine.

Modified vaccine tests

Oxford University and Astrogeneca are among the new studies on the effectiveness of a modified vaccine against the beta variant of the corona virus. It is important to prepare for changes in the corona virus, so it should be “one step ahead of the infection,” Pollard said. Approximately 2250 people from Great Britain, South Africa, Brazil and Poland are expected to participate in the second and third phase clinical trials with a slightly modified booster vaccine.

In some test subjects the original vector virus vaccine from AstraZeneca or MRNA vaccines such as Biotech and Pfizer were vaccinated twice, while others were not yet vaccinated. The first data is expected this year. The beta mutation was first discovered in South Africa. In May, the British government for the first time began clinical studies on the effectiveness of the booster vaccine with existing Govt vaccines.

Experts believe that existing vaccines against beta variants are less effective in preventing serious diseases. Of particular concern, however, is the highly contagious delta variant, first discovered in India and currently in progress in some countries, including Great Britain.

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