January 28, 2023

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Study: The Amazon rainforest currently emits more CO₂ than it absorbs

According to a study conducted from the rainforests in the Brazilian Amazon, nearly 20 percent more CO₂ has entered the atmosphere in the last decade than is absorbed by the planet’s so-called green lungs. Thursday in “Natural Climate Change” magazine Published study Compared to carbon dioxide released by reducing and burning and destroying COA levels absorbed by forests.

Jean-Pierre Vigneron, co-editor of the French National Agricultural Research Institute (INRA), said for the first time “the Brazilian Amazon rainforest is wet and now it is a net emitter.” “We do not know at what point this change will change.”

According to the study, the Amazon Basin absorbed about 13.9 billion tons of CO₂ between 2010 and 2019, but discharged 16.6 billion tons. The study also shows that forests are increasing due to fire and logging. The amount of deforestation in 2019 has almost quadrupled compared to previous years, from about one million hectares to 3.9 million – an area Netherlands.

Researchers also see a reason for this in politics. After the inauguration of the right-wing president Jair Bolzano There was one in January 2019 Significant weakening of environmental protection measures Given, it was said in one Contact from Intra.

Ecosystems still play a key role in combating climate change and increasing CO₂ emissions, up from more than 40 billion tons in 2019. Over the past 50 years, plants and soils have absorbed 30 percent of these emissions, and the oceans account for more than 20 percent. Tropical rainforests absorb particularly large amounts of CO₂, half of which are located in the Amazon Basin.

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