December 6, 2022

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Suez Canal “Always Given”: The ship’s insurer wants to share the responsibility with the canal authorities

Who is to blame Siege of the Suez Canal? After the canal authority blamed Captain “Ever Given” for the serious accident, the British insurer of the cargo ship now admitted to being complicit in the power.

“When the captain is ultimately responsible for the ship, the passage of a vehicle through the canal is controlled by the pilots and the shipping management of the canal authority,” wrote the Insurer UK Club. In a statement On his website. This includes the speed of the passage and the number of pulls.

“Ever Given” is one of the largest container vessels in the world. In March it ran into the Suez Canal Blocked the canal for six days. The canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and is one of the major shipping lanes worldwide.

Eight orders in twelve minutes

An economic court in the Egyptian city of Ismailia is currently handling the controversy over the days of the siege. The Canal Authority is seeking about $ 550 million in compensation for economic losses. To her “always given” Confiscated And wants to continue the journey only with a contract.

Shortly before the accident, Sajid Shaisha, a leading investigator with the Canal Authority, said authorities were accusing the captain of placing about eight orders in about twelve minutes “in a very short period of time”. So there is not enough time to activate the ship.

Authorities dismissed suspicions that strong crossings in bad weather could lead to an accident: before “Ever Given” entered the canal, several ships of similar cargo and size successfully crossed the canal.

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The insurer announced that he would comment on the legal dispute and seek a fair settlement. Reasonable claims of sewerage authority must be recognized.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 20.