November 26, 2022

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Super Bowl referee says no need to know about Tee Higgins' controversial touchdown

Super Bowl referee says no need to know about Tee Higgins’ controversial touchdown

One of Super Bowl LVI’s most controversial plays came in the first shot in the second half, when Bengals wide receiver T. Higgins scored a 75-yard touchdown after his appearance Get Galen Ramsey’s face mask and tossed him to the ground. After the match, referee Ronald Torbert gave an explanation of the play – and he considered that the officials on the field understood the matter correctly.

“Our rule is that if there’s a snatch, twist, and turn, there’s enough to make a mistake,” Torbert said. He told the Professional Football Writers Association reporter Joe Reddy. “If there’s just a rake across the face mask, where there’s no twist and turn even if there’s a grab, there’s no error. Officials haven’t seen any contact that rose to the level of error for a 15-yard face mask.”

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