February 4, 2023

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Support for Ukraine: Germany delivers 14 “Leopard” tanks

Status: 01/25/2023 12:34 pm

Germany is supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian invaders with Panther 2 battle tanks. Chancellor Scholes gave the first details, after which 14 tanks would be delivered.

Now it’s official: Germany is delivering 14 Leopard 2 A6 main battle tanks to Ukraine. Also, the Central Government allows other states to provide their own “Leopard” tanks. Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD) announced this in the central cabinet. Government spokesman Steffen Hepstreit announced.

“We are working in close international coordination”

“This decision follows our well-known way of supporting Ukraine as much as we can. We are working in close international coordination,” the president was quoted as saying in the statement. Months of discussion took place before a decision was made.

A government spokesman said the goal was to quickly integrate two tank battalions with “Leopard 2” tanks. As a first phase, Germany will supply 14 “Leopard 2 A6” to a company. Ukrainian soldiers must quickly train in tanks in Germany. The package includes ammunition, logistics and systems maintenance. These tanks are said to come from Bundeswehr stocks.

The central government wants to grant permission to partner countries

As a manufacturing country, Germany plays an important role in the “leopard” distribution issue. When weapons are sold to other countries, end-use provisions are always built into the contracts. It stipulates that the central government must agree to transfers to third countries.

Schalls was particularly under pressure for one thing Official export application Polish government. Poland has long pressured Germany in discussions about supplying main battle tanks. President Andrzej Duda announced, they want to give Ukraine 14 “Leopard” battle tanks. It is now clear that the central government will approve the Polish export application.

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Among the 14 European countries that have “Leopard” tanks, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain have also made it clear that they are ready to supply main battle tanks. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his country could buy tanks previously leased from Germany and then make them available to Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Czech Republic announced that it does not want to give up the “Leopard 2” battle tanks in favor of Ukraine, which Germany promised during the exchange of a ring. “It is not possible to send the Tigers now because we need these tanks for our security,” Czech Prime Minister Peter Fiala told dpa news agency.

An announcement about US tanks is expected

American tank plans are also expected to become more concrete in due course. According to American media, the Biden administration wants to supply Ukraine with about 30 “Abrams” tanks.

However, according to the Washington Post, it could be months or years before the Abrams tanks see combat action. According to the newspaper, the vehicles are unlikely to arrive in Ukraine in the spring, when a Russian offensive or Ukrainian counteroffensive is expected to recapture Russian-held territory. So far, the United States has insisted that it does not consider the Abrams deployment prudent for practical reasons.

Ukraine has long sought main battle tanks

Ukraine has been demanding Western-style main battle tanks to fight Russian invaders for months. The first official request came to the central government only a week after the war began in early March last year.

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The front line in eastern Ukraine hasn’t moved in weeks. With battle tanks, Ukraine now hopes to resume the offensive and recapture more territory.