February 1, 2023

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Support from Beijing: China approves Putin’s mission to Kazakhstan

Support from Beijing
China approves Putin’s mission to Kazakhstan

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to use military forces to quell unrest in Kazakhstan. The Kremlin’s actions were approved in Beijing. It is said from the People’s Republic that the “three evil forces” must be prevented from causing chaos in the country.

China has sided with Russia in overcoming the unrest in Kazakhstan. Chinese state media said in a telephone conversation between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday that the People’s Republic shared the President’s assessment of the Kazakh president as the cause of the unrest.

The report states that the two countries on the border of the former Soviet republic “must oppose the intervention of external forces in the internal affairs of the Central Asian countries” and prevent the “color revolutions” and the “three evil forces” from causing chaos. The government in Moscow is blaming foreign powers for the unrest in its southern neighbor.

China has defined the “three evil forces” as religious extremism, regional separatism and violent terrorism, and identified them as the cause of instability in Xinjiang. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the coalition will not allow a “color revolution.” He refers to the uprisings of other former Soviet republics, such as the “Orange Revolution” of 2013/14 in Ukraine.

The unrest in Kazakhstan is the worst in years. The protests were sparked by the government raising prices for LPG earlier this year. Kazakhstan’s dictatorial President Qasim-Shomart Tokayev said the coup attempt had been averted. Now the order has been restored. The search for “terrorists” continues.

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