September 28, 2022

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Sweden: A car boat with 300 people caught fire! | news

Power statement: Everything is under control |

Fire on a car ferry with 300 people on board

A fire broke out on a boat near Gotska Sandon, a small protected island north of Gotland. Stena Scandica has 299 people on board, 241 of whom are passengers. Swedish Coast Guard spokeswoman Lisa Mjorning confirmed that all coast guard units, vehicles, pilot boats, helicopters and nearby vehicles were alerted.

The Stena Scandica ferry connects the cities of Ventspils (Windau) in Latvia and Nynasham, south of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

The SOS came at 12:40 p.m. Lisa Mjörning: “There is smoke, but no open fire.” The fire was said to be under control soon.

Passengers in life jackets on boat deck

Photo: AFP Photo / John Johnson / Maritime Administration of Sweden

Stefan Elfström, a spokesman for shipping company Stena Line, told Sweden’s public television broadcaster SVT an hour after the emergency call: “There are no reports of injuries. The fire is confined to a specific location. The word is that the fire is under control, but if evacuation is necessary, boats and helicopters will be sent to the boats.” We are working with the Coast Guard to dispatch.

A fire broke out in this boat

There was a fire on this boat (photo is not from the day of the accident)

Photo: Stena Line

The boat has been without power since the fire. According to calculations, he was told in the evening that he would reach the shore in about three hours.

Hence, after 8 pm, it was decided to evacuate the passengers and crew by helicopter. Swedish Coast Guard spokesman Johan Wallström said: “The boat is without power. She moves towards land, vehicles are in the way. Evacuation has begun. But due to weather conditions only helicopters can be used at present. But several ships in the area are monitoring the situation.

Among others, the MS Visby ferry is on its way to the Stena Scandica as it has a heliport.

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