February 1, 2023

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Sweden: News of death shocks royal family – “sad and unimaginable”

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and his family have expressed their condolences to a close believer. She had a long and deep friendship with him.

STOCKHOLM – King Carl Gustav and his family need to be much stronger now. Because one of the close friends of the Swedish king, Tim Gonade, died completely unexpectedly. The two have been close and multi-stage friends since childhood. Queen Sylvia and Princess Victoria were also very close to the deceased and now support him in the mourning of Carl Gusta.

King Carl Gustaf mourns the loss of a close friend of the Swedish royal family

Like the Swedish newspaper Swedish Women’s Magazine Reports say that King Carl Gustav heard about the terrible news when he traveled with Queen Sylvia to the Swedish province of Westerners. Regent’s acquaintances confirm that the death of Tim Gondeaux has hit him hard – after all, the two have been good friends for over 68 years. They are said to have known each other since 1953 in the first class and for many years.

Queen Sylvia was also very close to the deceased. Because he and his wife Agnetta are said to have taken care of and supported them after their arrival in Sweden, then a secret friend of the king. After Agneta died of cancer in 1985, Sylvia cared for her children for a long time. After all, daughter Josephine is still very close to the royal family to this day – she is Sylvia’s daughter-in-law and one of Princess Victoria’s closest friends. “Queen Sylvia saw what I needed and she was there when I was growing up. She made a huge impact on me,” Josephine said in an interview. Swedish Women’s Magazine.

With Crown Princess Victoria and Josephine Gonade. The two have been close friends for many years.


King Carl Gustaf’s childhood friend dies – son writes a public letter

Josephine’s brother Joachim wrote a note Swedish Women’s Magazine Published on behalf of the family. “Dear friends, I am sad and unimaginable.” He continues: “Many of you know, my father is very close to me. He is my best friend. My father’s health has not improved for the last few years, but his smile and sense of humor remain the same. Until the end of his life, it came too soon.” In the end, he Said, in a devastating way: “I feel an unspeakable emptiness now, and I know our whole family ‘s nostalgia for Tim is almost unbearable. I also know that his close friend will feel great loss.”

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Although the pain for Carl Gusta is unimaginable – in his grief he can fully count on the support of Sylvia and Victoria. It is said that they met him on the same day to comfort him. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s classic or not: the family is together. (The)

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