December 10, 2022

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Sympathy for Trucker struggles: Elon Musk compares Trudeau to Hitler

Sympathy for trucker struggles
Elon Musk compares Trudeau to Hitler

Canadian truckers have been protesting for weeks against corona measures taken by Prime Minister Trudeau’s government. Tesla boss Musk sympathizes with protesters On Twitter, he allows entrepreneurs to take himself with a confusing comparison.

Tesla founder Elon Musk has compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler for his crackdown on truck drivers. Musk posted a picture of the dictator on Twitter titled “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau.” The record was later deleted.

Musk has previously backed truckers who have been protesting Trudeau’s corona policy for weeks, causing chaos in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, and across the border with the United States. Musk’s Twitter account is responding to reports that Canadian authorities have asked financial institutions to ban cryptocurrency transactions in support of protesters.

Truck drivers’ activities began in mid-January to protest the need for vaccination at cross-border areas introduced by Canada and the United States. Demonstrations are now generally directed against corona rules and Prime Minister Trudeau’s government.

On Monday, the head of state used emergency powers to take action against the protesters. It gives authorities more legal powers to arrest protesters, confiscate their trucks and cut off funding for protests. On Thursday, Ottawa Police are preparing to destroy the Parliamentary District.

The American Jewish group strongly criticized Musk’s comparison to Hitler. Entrepreneurs showed “very bad judgment.” He should apologize immediately.

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