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Trump’s Direction to Border Wall Saga Ends on a National Emergency

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National emergency, Trump, border wall issue

The melodrama of President Donald Trump seems to be a never-ending saga, particularly in the border wall issue. Directing the most interesting yet infuriating story, he has been taking it further from several spooky turns. The issue that is going on from months has now ended on a national emergency, which the entire country was…

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Trump’s ‘New Rhyme’ is the Worst Cover-Up in History of the Border Wall

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Donald Trump border wall

Last updated on January 29th, 2019The Issue of the border wall is now more than a month old, and as most American’s blame the Republicans for this erratic move, Donald Trump continues to stand by his mantra of building the wall. The only progress though made on the issue is the newly added theme, and…

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Drug-ravaged West Virginia to Extend $10M for Border Wall Construction

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Border Wall

Lawmakers in West Virginia are willing to extend $10 million support for President Trump’s border wall cause. As per the explanation given by the lawmakers it is a major requisite for West Virginia as the sate suffers from drug trafficking along the US-Mexico border. House of GOP led by delegates announced recently that a bill…

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