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President Trump Spends 60 Percent Working Hours in ‘Executive Time’

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Trump's Executive Time

Axios, the American news and information website, reported that since last year’s midterm polls, President Donald Trump has spent 60 per cent of his working hours at the White House. The news portal has access to copies of Trump’s personal schedules. On Sunday, Axios published the President’s private calendar for the past 3 months. As…

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Midterm Elections: Democrats take lead of the House with biggest margin

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midterm elections
Source: Vox

The largest midterm elections victory in the history of the United States was bagged by Democrats this year. Democrats took control of the House of Representatives by surpassing the record of 8.7 million votes in 1974, the post-Watergate election. According to the data compiled by the Cook Political Report, a non-partisan political analysis website, Democrats lead the…

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