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Impeachment is Democrat’s Acceptance of Defeat: Trump

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donald trump speech on impeachment Democrat

Talking of impeachment, President Donald Trump said in remarks broadcast on Monday, is an indication that Democrats know they cannot beat him in 2020. The US president in his interview with CBS Face the Nation, broadcasted on Super Bowl Sunday, said: “The only way they can win, because they can’t win the election, is to…

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Kim Kardashian: Had to Educate West After his Meeting with Trump

in Entertainment
Kim Kardashian eductaes husband Kanye West after his meeting with Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian has said that she had to ‘educate’ her husband Kanye West after his meeting with US President, Donald Trump. The 38-year-old reality star spoke at Variety’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit in West Hollywood on Wednesday. Explaining the situation about her Husband’s visit to the President at White House she remarked, Kanye West is…

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