August 16, 2022

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Taiguan Walker's funny reaction to Edwin Diaz's daring move

Taiguan Walker’s funny reaction to Edwin Diaz’s daring move

Like many Mets fans watching at home, Taijuan Walker couldn’t hide his shock after learning Bold call to Buck Showalter to hit Edwin Diaz on the court in the eighth and ninth rounds of Thursday’s competition.

Moments after Diaz retired three brave hitters in the standings for eighth, the cameras caught the dominant close-up exchanging a few words with Mets coach Jeremy Hefner and walking past Walker as he headed to the club.

Walker turned to Hefner and apparently asked if Diaz had finished playing at night. The answer – no – definitely surprised the novice shooter, and his funny facial expression says it all.

Taiguan Walker couldn’t hide his shock after learning of Buck Showalter’s bold call to get Edwin Diaz to play in the eighth and ninth inning.
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Showalter’s decision to stay with Diaz paid off as he ended up being an all-star devotee Mets win 6-4 In the ninth. After handing one song over to Eddie Rosario to lead the first half, Diaz was able to escape trouble and motivate the swing player of the Orlando Archia racket to score the final.

Diaz’s night drew to a close after throwing 28 shots, an abnormally high amount Showalter had been OK with due to the previous five closet leave.

“Taijuan says, ‘Hey, I want it tomorrow,'” Keith Hernandez quipped at the SNY broadcast booth, sending the room into raucous laughter.

Diaz closed the door on the Mets' 6-4 victory in the ninth inning.
Diaz closed the door on the Mets’ 6-4 victory in the ninth inning.

Walker seems to be okay with Diaz not being comfortably available: He retweeted Thursday’s viral moment alongside two sweaty smiley emojis. The 29-year-old will face the hill Friday night for game two of the Mets’ five-game series against the Braves at Citi Field.

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