December 6, 2022

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Taliban advance: US government accuses Afghans of not being ready to fight

Abroad Taliban progress

US government denies war preparations in Afghanistan – “Money cannot buy wills”

“Reduce staffing of the German embassy in Kabul to a minimum”

The Taliban have been advancing since the withdrawal of US and German troops from Afghanistan. As a result, the German embassy in Kabul will be understaffed, Foreign Minister Heiko Moss said.

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The United States is surprised by the Taliban’s rapid advance and wants to destroy important items in its embassy in Kabul. Germany wants to withdraw its diplomatic staff from the city. UN President Guterres has called on the Taliban to end the violence.

D.The U.S. government has accused the Afghan leadership and security forces of not being ready for war in view of the Taliban’s advance. U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told the broadcaster that he was “concerned” that the political and military leadership did not have the “will” to oppose the advance of extremist Islamists.CNNThe United States could not have predicted the “resistance” of the Afghan armed forces, Kirby told the broadcaster on Friday (local time).

The Afghan security forces are superior in equipment, training and troop strength to the Taliban and have their own air force, Kirby said. Considering the US government’s financial support for the security forces, he added: “Money cannot buy a will.” Afghanistan’s political and military leadership is responsible. Kirby warned that the Taliban needed to be prepared to fight to keep the entire country out of their control.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Kabul has asked its staff to destroy important items. In a note to embassy staff on Friday, a building technician noted options for burning or disposing of documents and equipment. Accordingly, all materials that the Taliban could “misuse” for propaganda must be destroyed.

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Products with the logo of the embassy or US officials, but American flags are examples of items that should be removed.

The United States announced on Thursday that it was cutting its embassy staff and sending about 3,000 additional troops to the airport in Kabul. According to the Pentagon, the United States is preparing to fly thousands of people daily from the Afghan capital. Griffith told reporters Friday that the first U.S. soldiers to defend the evacuation operation for U.S. diplomats and other civilians were already in Kabul. A “majority” of a total of 3,000 U.S. armed forces is expected in Kabul by Sunday.

“A ruined practice”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate end to the Taliban’s violent progress. “Seizing power by military force is a destructive practice,” Guterres told reporters in New York on Friday.

“This will only lead to a protracted civil war or the complete isolation of Afghanistan.” He hoped that talks would be held with all parties to end the conflict. He is very concerned about the situation, Guterres said. “Afghanistan is out of control.”

As a result of the Taliban’s advance, the German government decided to reduce the German embassy staff in Kabul over the next few days to the “absolute minimum required for operation”. Foreign Minister Heiko Moss (SPD) said Friday in Tenning, Baden-W்டrttemberg. A support team will be sent to the Afghan capital immediately.

Mass said embassy staff will be evacuated with charter flights. Local staff in Afghanistan served in the armed forces or federal ministries or still work for them today. Two charter flights are scheduled for the end of the month. These will be preferred now, Mass said. He confirmed that visas for local staff would be issued in Germany to expedite the process.

“We will coordinate all further activities with our international partners over the next few days,” Mass said. He called on all Germans to leave the country immediately. More double-digit German citizens are still in the country.

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More and more refugees are being stopped, especially from Afghanistan, when they try to enter Turkey illegally

Refugees from Afghanistan

The decision was taken by the Federal Government Crisis Committee, which met on Friday in view of the dramatic situation in Afghanistan.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO was pursuing the goal of “supporting the Afghan government and Afghan armed forces as much as possible.” The security of NATO personnel is a “priority”. But he added: “NATO will maintain its diplomatic presence in Kabul and adjust it where necessary.”

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Bin Laden re-loaded: Al Qaeda leader killed by US, but his terrorist ideology resurrected in Afghanistan

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Defense did not rule out the possibility that Bundeswere could also use the withdrawal of soldiers. Troops are on standby in Bundeswehr, which is “available in times of emergency,” he said.

Denmark and Norway temporarily close embassies in Kabul. According to the Ritzow news agency and DR and TV2 broadcasters, all Danish embassy staff, including local Afghan staff, will be expelled, as Danish Foreign Minister Jeff Coffot told a news conference in Copenhagen on Friday afternoon.

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