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Taylor Swift Leaves Fans in Frenzy with Pastel-Colored Countdown

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After breaking multiple records with her recent album, Reputation, Taylor Swift recently sparked a whole new wave of excitement in her fans. The pop star’s social media was painted in pastel colors, with a countdown on her website that gave rise to guess game.

On Saturday, the official ‘Taylor Swift’ website reflected a colorful background counting days, minutes and seconds, which lead to April 26. While many believed that the “Endgame” singer is excited for Avengers Endgame due to release on the same date, others conjectured it as a release date for the seventh studio album.

On Friday, a fan, Dana Schwartz tweeted, “Okay so either Taylor Swift is counting down to new music on April 26 or she is really excited for Avengers Endgame.”

The Swifties were further bewildered, when the singer’s social media accounts changed the display pictures to similar pastel clouds. A picture of a pink heart of diamonds was later posted on her Instagram account, teasing the same date with the 4.26 caption.

Since Saturday, Swift has been sharing different pictures under the same caption. A picture on Sunday depicted the hands with nails colored in similar shades of pastel and jewelry against a yellow garment, whereas an image of layers of pink tulle fabric resembling cotton candy came up the next day. On Tuesday, a glittery snap of twin cats sitting on a peach-colored sofa was shared.

Even at the iHeartsRadio, Taylor Swift was seen wearing similar colors like she has been lately using to drop hints.

The mysterious countdown made fans across the globe curious, as it sprung out in countries including New York’s Time Square, Melbourne, London, Tokyo and Delhi. “IT’S HAPPENING IT’S HAPPENING IT’S HAPPENING IT’S HAPPENING #TaylorSwiftApril26,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another said that they will be monitoring the countdown until the final day.

Taylor Swift is known for opting different ways to suggest new music on social media. Before dropping her previous album, she had completely wiped her Instagram to post dark and obscure videos of snake, in August 2017. Besides, this time it appears to be a countdown.

“I make countdowns for things I’m excited about,” Swift had stated in Elle in March.

The countdown when alone, had forced to link her excitement to the upcoming releasing of the final Marvel Phase 3 movie, the following pictures with various details directed the people towards new music. As of now, the Swifties will have to hold their excitement, until the singer straightens this out herself.


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