Ruby Rose with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Reunites Her with Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift’s bond is reportedly proving to this world; why should they believe in the phenomenon of single soul dwelling inside two bodies.

Actress Ruby Rose’s latest step to introduce Taylor to her family has taken their friendship to a whole new level. In a photograph posted to her Instagram stories, Friday, the 32-year old model was seen getting comfy around her.

Ruby caged a beautiful caption alongside their photograph, and wrote: ‘All my fave women (and a pretty cool dude) in one photo. I love my mum, still giving good face.’

Taylor’s reputation tour to Australia has given her the opportunity to spare some time out with her best pal and the two are doing so since her arrival.

The ‘Orange is The New Black actress,’ took to Instagram and shared selfies of their time outing with their friends.

In a series of posts she expressed: ‘We are much happier than we appear in this photo. We just take being happy VERY seriously’.

Besides, in her another post she heartwarmingly hemmed down: ‘What can I even say about everything you have achieved so far @taylorswift. What an incredible journey you are on. I am blessed to have you in my life, ‘Your dedication, hard work and perseverance is unparalleled. Mixed with your self-awareness, generosity and what you stand for, you continue to light up the people around you and shine brighter than 60,000 people in New Orleans with glow sticks. I love you and I’m so proud’.

Ruby also talked about her bond in an interview with and proudly asserted about her friendship with Taylor. Further declaring that she talks about everything and everyone with her.

Ruby and Taylor have always had each other’s back. In 2017, when Ruby landed with the coveted role of DC superhero Batwoman, she was criticized for openly accepting the role, and feeling proud about being openly gay superhero.

While, people demanded a lesbian to play the role, they could not see Ruby filling in the shoes. Taylor, then defended her best friend and said that there is nowhere written that her friend is not a lesbian, commenting that it is the funniest and ridiculous thing she has ever heard.

Clearly, Rose and Taylor, are the sun and the moon to each other. They shine together to light up each other’s lives.

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